Not everyone knows, flax is a herb with large blue flowers that has been cultivated for millennia. The processing of the same is a fairly delicate procedure given that the flax plant is quite fragile: in fact, when it is cut or uprooted it often breaks, creating many problems in the subsequent creation of the fabric.

In addition, the production of flax is among the most sustainable in the textile industry as each part of the plant is used for different processes, such as soap, oils and feed.

But let’s get to the fashion side: this fabric is one of the most popular of the summer for its many advantages. First of all, it is an excellent temperature regulator, it is cool in summer but keeps warm even on the most breezy evenings. In addition, linen is very durable and dries faster than cotton, which is why the body feels less moisture when wearing it. In addition, despite being a highly absorbent fabric, it resists stains well and becomes softer the more it is washed.

In addition to the purely “technical” advantages of this fabric, even from the aesthetic side, linen is a real gem: a slightly unbuttoned shirt and a pair of shorts are enough to immediately feel in front of a romantic sunset by the sea! It goes perfectly with rope details, a straw bag or a pair of espadrilles, but also with simple jeans.

Now you know: the perfect garment, the must of every wardrobe, is a linen garment.