A collection that knows how to dare

A collection that knows how to dare

The new season has already amazed us thanks to the abundance of colors and floral textures, but one thing that struck us above the others was the alternation of so many different fabrics, even in the same outfit.

In the SS23 collection we see both faux-python and satin shirts harmonizing perfectly, just like that: unafraid to be daring. The result is a perfect marriage between the different styles.

Carmen Milano is a brand that wants to represent a strong and confident woman, without fears and with a spirit of resourcefulness towards a world that does not always row in the same direction. So also the new collection wants to stand out, wants to be seen as brave and fearless.

The new items are already in many stores all over Italy and our stores in Milan, Bergamo, Cantù, Treviglio, Oriocenter (& more) are ready to welcome you all!
What are you waiting for? Drop by and visit us!

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