A pant for every body type: which one to choose?

A pant for every body type: which one to choose?

Enhancing your figure is never easy, but thanks to a few simple tricks you will realize that choosing the most suitable garment for your physicality is not that difficult.

Today we are talking about trousers, a symbol of female empowerment.

Some more and some less, today we are all used to having at least one pair of trousers in the wardrobe, but how to orient yourself in the infinite world of its different shapes?

To choose the perfect trousers you must first be aware of your physicality, for example: a woman with particularly accentuated hips is more likely to wear high-waisted trousers better than low-waisted ones. In fact, to avoid further highlighting the pelvis, the ideal is to show off the upper part of the body so as to accentuate the smaller shoulders.
The one just described is the classic pear shape, characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders.

Let’s now see the other bodyshapes:
For a triangular body with large shoulders and narrow hips, it will be more appropriate to focus attention downwards with low-waisted jeans and light colors. Even trousers with various patterns are perfect for the occasion!

As for the pear-shaped body, the hourglass one also calls high-waisted trousers: yes to the mom fit model, but also to the skinny if you prefer it.

For the apple-shaped body with large breasts you can opt for palazzo pants. They are very trendy, and can have an elegant twist, but also sporty depending on the combination chosen.

Lastly, the rectangle body: this does not present particular disproportions between the upper and lower part, which is why modern patterns and above all the asymmetrical cuts that create movement are excellent.

In which of the aforementioned physicality did you find yourself? Did you already use these simple tips?