Lately, armocromia is a topic that is very fashionable, we hear it discussed in particular on social media, where it has become a trend, but also in newspapers and on television.

But what exactly is it?
Armocromia is a sort of “test” that allows you to understand which colors give more and which less, based on a series of factors such as skin undertone, eye color or hair. This test is practiced mostly by beauticians, image consultants and beauty experts with the famous “draping” technique. With it we mean to outline the face without make-up with a white cloth, and then place different fabrics of different colors to see which ones make the complexion stand out the most.
The color categories are usually grouped under 4 main categories, which are renamed like the seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Based on the colors that best illuminate our face, according to various combinations of factors, a palette corresponding to a season is assigned, which will be the one in which we find ourselves most.

Undergoing an armocromia session, of course, is not essential to get dressed, but it is very useful if you are not very skilled at doing it and to understand what best suits our complexion.

Have you ever tried one?
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