Carmen Milano takes to the catwalk

Carmen Milano takes to the catwalk

The most awaited moment of the year has now come and gone.

On Sunday 24th September, the autumn fashion show was held at the Centro Tessile in Milan, where new collections, trends and beautiful dresses interspersed the catwalk set up especially for the occasion.

Exceptional presenter was Jo Squillo, who with her joy and savoir-faire entertained the participating audience until the last second.

Different styles paraded on Carmen Milano’s catwalk, but they all shared the same characteristic: the mission to make every woman feel at ease and to enhance every aspect of her.

At the end of the fashion show, Jacopo Giuliani takes the floor and, interviewed by Jo Squillo, talks about the characteristics of the new collection, in line with the trends of the moment. He also proudly expresses the origins of Carmen Milano production, proudly made in Italy.

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