How many times have we seen on the best fashion covers many paparazzi VIPs in sweat suits?
And it is precisely from those stolen shots that the casual-trendy fashion is born: that apparently randomly composed outfit that is popular in Instagram feeds has conquered covers and even catwalks.

How to compose such a look?
There are a few small indications to follow, but they are essential to recreate the effect we are looking for.

First of all, the task will be easier for us if we start from basic, neutral or nude colors. For example, using gray, black or white as a base will greatly simplify the work: let’s remember that we have to compose a basic outfit by definition!
Once the protagonist color has been chosen, we must be careful to choose the right fabrics: the watchword is items with soft and wide lines. The accessories will make the difference!

In fact, the key lies precisely in the latter: to be suitable for creating that comfy-chic, the details must be “the opposite” of what we have chosen so far. Minibags, clutches and heels are the secret of the perfect look.

This contrast is essential for the perfect outcome of the outfit as, as already mentioned, it must be casual, but above all trendy!

What do you think of this hyper popular style of recent years?