3 ways to be smart and chic also during the winter

3 ways to be smart and chic also during the winter

Winter is almost upon us and so many of you are particularly suffering from the arrival of the winter frost. How can we blame you, after all the cold makes the days uncomfortable and also leads to being less productive!

But let’s see below three foolproof methods to be able to protect yourself from the cold and still be super cool:

  • use the layered outfit method: often dresses and petticoats totally change the perception of the temperature, moreover if you think you have exaggerated, you will always be able to take them off at any time!
  • Choose long garments: coats and jackets become instantly warmer when they cover the leg too! Remember that by choosing them slightly over you will have no problems if you also apply our tip number 1!

Choose the most performing fabrics: fabrics of natural origin such as cotton, cashmere and silk are precious allies as they allow breathability and comfort while keeping the skin warm. Have you ever thought about these simple tricks? In the Carmen Milano FW23 collection you will find all the items you need to apply (even all) our style tips!

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