Orange: the colour of next spring season

Orange: the colour of next spring season

There is not the slightest shadow of doubt: orange is undoubtedly the most popular color this spring.
Dresses, suits, skirts and shirts; the streets are colored with these tangerine shades that convey great joy and serenity.

In all this, you may be wondering: what combination can you dare with such a lively and eccentric color?

Those that go very well with orange are different and very different from each other: in addition to the classic black and white, let’s try to think about the shades of the autumn palettes. Camel, chocolate, dark brown, beige and cream are all colors very prone to being approached to a very intense orange since, thanks to their modest tones, they are able not to steal the show from such a particular color and to soften it in the manner correct.

Have you also thought about blue? Bingo! In fact, different shades of blue go very well with mandarin. Think of an ultramarine blue or a blue tending to steel. We would say perfect couple!
Green light also to blue jeans or very small hints of cyan: let’s always remember that the perfect balance lies in non-exaggeration!

For the more courageous we also offer a combination of orange-green grass. risky and eccentric as a combination, surely if your goal is to keep a low profile, this combination will give you a lot of avoiding it!

There are situations better for more formal situations and others suitable for a situation, in any case orange is definitely not a color to match from the wardrobe.

In the new Carmen Milano collection you will find many proposals that will satisfy your preferences. For example, how do you prefer to combine orange?