SOS sea: what should I pack?

SOS sea: what should I pack?

When planning a vacation a thousand questions always arise: but what will the place be like? Will there be nightlife or better to enjoy the day from the crack of dawn? Will the weather be nice? Most importantly: what should I pack!

Don’t panic: Carman Milano has thought about dressing up every vacation you have!
Let’s imagine leaving for a beach vacation, but not knowing the temperatures. The best solution is definitely to opt, in addition to the usual light and more uncovered dresses, for a “safety” outfit that manages to cover us, but still keep our skin cool and dry in case of sudden heat.

If the sea breeze is unforgiving, our outfit composed of the “CLELIA” blouse and the “EMA” pants is the perfect choice: the cotton, breathable by nature, allows us to stay cool and sheltered at the same time, while its tropical-looking pattern makes it perfect at the beach, but why not, even in the city.

Available in different colors such as white or from the toffee background, the coordinated is great as a single outfit, but also broken, because you know: when you go on vacation, the more outfits you can combine with the less possible garments, the better!

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