The new vintage: the velvet garment

The new vintage: the velvet garment

The new Carmen Milano collection is now close to release and so many styles and details are mixed in this new collection, giving a vintage touch, but at the same time modern, to all those fabrics we can never get tired of.

We are talking about velvet, a fabric that for years has conquered every wardrobe, from the most refined to the simplest.

Now we can say it: corduroy in particular, with its tactile texture and luxurious vintage appeal, is making a bold comeback in contemporary clothing. These garments catch the light in a unique way, creating plays of shadow and reflection that lend depth and dimension to any outfit.

Whether it’s an elegant blazer, a comfortable trouser or a charming dress, corduroy adds a touch of sophisticated opulence to any look. This fabric, famous for its versatility, suits both casual pairings and more formal occasions, always lending an aura of refined glamour.

What do you think of this comeback?
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